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My daughter masterbates...what should i do? help

my daughter is 6 1/2 yrs old. about a month ago i went up to her room adn the door was locked and it took her a while to open (and this has happened before=her taking her long to open) so this time i sat down and asked her what she was doing and then seh put her head down and said "youre going to think its nasty" so i ofcourse made her feel that it was ok to tell me and hen she said she put her teddy bear in her pee pee... and she said she did it becaseu it makes her body feel good... ok so i talked to her and she said she wasnt going to do it anymore and just thisfriday i come hone from work and shes in her room on top of this stuff animal naked... i broke down in tears becasue ive heard its normal but then ive heard this is sign of sexual abuse!!!!!! she shows NO signs of sexual abuse so i really wan t to keep thinking its a phase... she has assured me no one has done this to her... what should i do?

i want to take her to a psychologist but i am afraid they will take her away from me .... im not  a bad mother but social services dont play around and they will proabbly want to take her from just to investigate.. and also i think this has been going on for a long time.. like years

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It sounds to me like you are overreacting. There is nothing wrong with young kids exploring their own bodies, and discovering that something feels good. This can happen in many different ways. The only difference in your situation is that she told you about it. Of course this is an uncomfortable thing to know and to witness... but if I were you, I would just leave the situation alone. There is nothing unhealthy about this and no reason to go to a psychologist. If you notice some other weird activity, then maybe you'll have to think about what to do, but I wouldn't make a big deal out of this. Let your child grow up naturally.

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I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with Nopolibeen. You definitely need to have your daughter seen by a therapist. What she is exhibiting IS NOT normal behavior for a 6 1/2 year old, unless she has been sexually abused, has seen you having sexual relations with your lover, or is allowed to watch sexually explicit material on TV. She did not come up with these ideas out of thin air, they were planted there or shown to her by some outside source. Whatever the case, 6 year old children have no concept of masturbation without previous knowledge.

Yes, it is true that young children, especially boys are prone to exploration. But masturbation in girls at an early age, is a learned activity. She has either witnessed someone doing this and is copying the behavior or someone has done this to her or shown her how. Either way you need to get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible. Is there someone close to her that might be suspect? You need to do some investigating, for the sake of your daughters welfare and psychological well being

If you take her to a therapist, social services will not remove her from your care, unless YOU have been aware of sexual abuse towards her by a close relative, friend, or neighbor that you did nothing to stop.

The fact that she masturbates and takes off her clothes and pretends to have sex with her stuffed animal is a RED FLAG! And you better heed the warning! Something is amiss somewhere and you need to get to the bottom of ASAP!

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Eve, think of the child as the first priority and take her to a doctor and have her examined. I understand your fear regarding an investigation/removal of your daughter but if abuse has/is occuring you need to know that ASAP so I agree with Annette on this. If there is someone molesting your child they need to be identified and arrested immediately for the sake of your daughter and other children also.

Assuming the examination results in a finding of no sexual abuse, what she is doing is normal, albeit somewhat early in life, so I'd agree with Nopo's comment (below);

"... I would just leave the situation alone. There is nothing unhealthy about this and no reason to go to a psychologist."

I just asked my wife and she was 8 (or 9 at the latest) when she began to masturbate so this is something you will have to deal with either now, or in the not to distant future. It's difficult to realize our children have the same urges we had when entering puberty, but it is a fact of life, so I'm hoping you're not dealing with any form of sexual abuse. 

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thank you guys for answerig... well let me clear some things up and add to my problem... i havent been the victim of sexual abuse nor have i known its been going on for a long time. i just found out about a month ago and ive been searching this issue.. see ive read alot of parents say its normal and to leave it alone but i am not one of those to say its normal because a little girl this young shouldnt be feeling this kind of urges.. but if it turns out to be normal then i will learn to deal wit it... but i will take her to a therapist... i live wit my husband, 4month old anf her...she has her own room and believe me everytime me & my husband do stuff we always lock the door.. i am very paranoid of her doing that.. but last year she did try opening the door with a knife so i dont know.. ughh i just dont know what to do.. or think... ive asked about our family doing somthing to her like my father, her step dad any cousin and she just says ewwwl no! but........ she did tell me that once someone (she dosent know who) was watching naked people on tv and she woke up and saw it... but then she changes the story..

im a 13 year old girl and i masterbate ccuz it feels good its fine my mom noes and she finwe with it as long as im not "doing it"

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