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My daughter is 17 and is having sex with her boyfriend whom she's been with for almost two years. She claims that they use protection and "have feelings for each other" she also claims that they have ...

You seem very angry. I'm sorry you are scared of losing your little girl but I wish you could see that the more you react this way, the faster you lose her. If she is 17 then she is almost grown because at 18 she can legally decide things for herself. Expecting her to wait until her 30's is ridiculous. Wanting her to wait until she's married is normal, but you can't make that choice for her. You can make rules about what she does in your house but you can't watch her every minute to make sure she follows them and you can't control what she does when you're not home.

Your daughter is already having sex. She's not going to ask you for permission and making sure she has protection and knows how to use it is not the same as giving her permission, it's making sure she won't be a mom before she's really ready to be one. You are so busy trying to control her that you can't see the forest for the trees but pretty soon you may not have her around to control at all because the more you push to try, the more she's going to push away. Why are you so angry? Are you trying to stop her from making a mistake you made when you were her age? If that's it, then maybe you should tell your daughter the truth and explain your thinking to her instead of just giving orders that don't make sense to your daughter.

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