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My daughter (14 yrs) was just kicked out of her ...

My daughter (14 yrs) was just kicked out of her Girl Scout Cadettes troop. Her offense? Having ADD (not hyperactive) and she wasn't picking up on a troop project quick enough. She has a problem focusing & becomes easily upset because people think she's dumb. Rather than speak to me about the concerns, the troop leader rallied the West Central Florida Chapter of the Girl Scouts into an unanimous decision to kick her out because her ADD symptoms were too close to what they perceived to be a drug problem! Can you believe this!? She has never taken a drug in her life. They wrote me a rather lengthy letter accusing her of all types of false hoods. They wouldn't even answer the phone or my emails in response. They new she has ADD. This sounds like discrimination. What's worse is the troop leader is a lawyer, so the way she framed the email was a work of part fiction and part art. She of all people should know the American's with Disability laws. What do you think and what recourse would I have? My daughter goes to school with the girls in the troop and now I have to worry about bullying and what this will do to her reputation. She is such a sweet kid and this will destroy her.

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take this matter to authorities for proper perusal.

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