I agree with relationshipGuru, however, let me add another one that is FREE and have had friends make alot of connections whether that be friendship, dating, marriage or whatever you are looking for.  It is called PlentyofFish.com

Personally, i have had the WORST luck with MATCH.com as there had been a lot of liars, con artists, love 'em and leave 'em types that never tell you just WHY they left, they just disappeared.   I have had men that say they are overseas with the Army, Navy, whomever and they are those Nigerian con artists types.  Real misrepresentation on that site, at least for me.  I met what I thought was a really nice man, we fell in love, planned to get married and then found out he was a control freak and nothing like his profile suggested.  Then I have found the same men under several names.  Then there are the ones who's picture is not them at all.  They "shopped" for it on a models web site......strange for sure.   Not to say at all, that you cannot find love on that site or any other, but it has not worked for me!  Go on-line and do your research and see what others have had to say about each site, it's out there!

The key is trusting your gut no matter what site you are on...lead with your brain, your gut instinct and never lead with just with your heart.   I am speaking as a woman but I am sure that it has been the same experience for men on there as well.  I have heard it from both sexes.  The most "matched" one I have heard from friends is E Harmony which matches you as advertised but it is the most expensive by far!

"Bars" aren't the answer and neither are all dating websites!  I guess it just depends on WHO you meet.  Some get it right the first time and others are still waiting and hoping while they take your money sending you the same old matches!

I certainly don't have all the answers, just my experience.  Seems like the best way to meet someone is when you are not actively looking for it or seeking it out!

i wish you the best and hope that it works out for you.  Keep hoping for the best, keep your mind and heart open but trust what you truly feel inside.  YOU are the only one who can decide if finding a mate from a dating site is actually and truly "THE ONE"!

"There are two ways of spreading light; one to be the candle or the mirror that refects it"
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