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Finding seventy or older naked women to date

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Hi William,
I know you won't like my answer (OK I'll accept 2 thumbs down with no hard feelings):  There are so many: nice, smart, wise, intelligent, interesting, happy, sharp, friendly, loving, carring, understanding, supporting, kind,...... just few to mention..... and from all those you are only looking for naked women ?..... over 70 years old..... nothing more but naked women ?.... Please, ask yourself why is this happening to you. 
Best regards,

Love is the battery of life....

Hi William,

     Do you ever go to a Nudist Colony?  You may find 70 year old naked women over there.  Just a hint....

Be honest and be true to yourself.

Older woman k now what they want and go after it and thats why i only like older women


im 70 25th of this month. therefore im quite looking forward to seeing and hoopefully meeting a lady on here.

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