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This guy is a player !.  Delete him from your life.  I bet he was out with some other girl.  Obviously he is hiding something from you.  I have the feeling he is committed (married ?).  You sure deserve better than that !.  A good advise for the future: If a guy wants you he should respect you and come and meet you (and not tell you to come where it is convenient to him)... and take you to where you prefer (and not what he likes).   I have the feeling (based on this question and the previous questions) that you don't meet the right guys.  Is it true ? and if it is, have you any idea what is (are) the reason(s) for it ?

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Ignore and delete him.  It won't be easy but that is the right thing to do.  Boys say many "sweet words" to make girls fall for them.  Always remember that: "Action speak louder than words".  You seem to be a wonderful lady, please try harder to meet the "right" guys (guys that will amke you really really really happy !).  That's what you deserve !. 

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