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How should I know if a lady is okay with a kiss at the end of our first date? What are the signs that I should look for when a girl is alright with a kiss as a farewell act on our first date?

First of all, a lady does kiss on the first date.  It depends on your "chemistry" you had with her during the date.  If she takes your hand, flirts, or seems genuinely into you then by all means a well meaning kiss on the lips is appropriate on a first date.   You will know when it is right and timing is important. I agree with relationship Guru on this one as well.

Secondly, if you lean in for "the kiss", and she pulls away or backs up, then politely and softly apologize to her and tell her that it was your way of thanking her for a lovely date...period no elaboration needed.

If she doesn't "feel it" with you on the first date and doesn't say, "Well, I don't kiss on the first date", then I wouldn't ask her out again.  It is as much her responsibility to let you know as well if she had a great time kiss or no kiss. 

I see nothing wrong with a sweet kiss after a great date but don't force it.

Honey, you will know if a kiss is appropriate or not by the mood of the date.  Some girls are shy or think it's a man's responsibility to kiss her first.  She needs to be just as aware as you are that a kiss maybe a possibility.  OR just plain ask her if she minds that kiss, plain and simple.  Most girls will not object to that polite a request.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Any girl that doesn't like a sweet tender kiss on the lips or cheek goodnight is missing the boat.  It is like a thank you for a great time.  Period.

Make that kiss count and leave her breathless for more for the next date.   Who knows, your gentlemanly ways may win her over in the long run if that is what you truly want.

Good luck, my friend and follow our advice.  But don't necessarily take it as a rejection.  You might not know that until you ask her out again.

I, for one, think it is sweet that you even asked the question.

Best of luck and wishes,


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