I dated a capricorn for 3 months we got engaged he ...

i dated a capricorn for 3 months we got engaged he proposed to me ive known him since high school he told me he loves and he wants to be with me and cares about me we made plans to be together i was suppose to go to ga to live with him he is in the military everything was perfect weve bumped heads but nothing that we could never manage to reslove at the end of the day....he got robbed for all his things and started to bug out saying he doesnt want to get married we should slow it down e bf and gf again i didnt mind that i wasnt really ready to get married either then it went from that to he doesnt want to be together at all he said he wants to seperate before we get more seperated and things get worst he doesnt want me to help its like he pushed me away...i call to check on him because lately he hasnt been himself i worry about him alot but i dont know what to do he said he wanted the break soo im giving it to him i dont know if i should wait till he comes around or just let go...i asked him does he plan on comingg back he said he doesnt know he know anything its like he speaks to me then shuts down i hate that i know if i could just see him i could get him to talk to me....hes suppose to be coming at the end of this month or beginning of next month for a week and idk wheter i should press it when i see or act like it doesnt bother me that we arent together... were both 22 years old....anybody has any advice...because i cant seem to understand why hes throwing this away considering i know the way he feels about me

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Is that like a unicorn?

You are not going to like my answer:  Say a nice goodbye.  This guy is not for you.  Your relations are over.   .......and don't be sure saying that "I know the way he feels about me"....   My best advice is:  Concentrate on finding your true love.  Don't waist your time on that looser. 

Love is the battery of life....

If he is not interested... oh well...his lost. Just remember because of his lost you actually become the winner! 

Is the comfort of Lord, GOD small within you?

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