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Just looking for topics to talk about on a first date with a man. I've only chatted with him on line. Never even spoke on the phone, which is so unlike me. I've had other first dates but I've ...

I think that you both might be just as nervous being around each other, so just think of friendships, and talk about what friends talk about together.

It is okay if you act a little nervous when you are together. Don't worry about it, just think of nice things and the nervous feeling will pass.

Don't try to be someone you're not. Don't giggle the whole time and don't slouch.  Try to steer the conversation to things that you know about. When you talk, try to make eye contact with this 'special' someone, and get him into the conversation.

Talk about a new movie that you saw, and ask if he has seen it.

Forget your attraction to this 'special' someone. Just think of him as a special friend, and things will go great.

Ask if he or she would like to take a walk, or go for a coke, just to let the person know that you are interested. Don’t forget your dating safety tips.

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