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Is he the most dangerous American alive?!....

Harold Simmons says he donates $18 million to conservative super PACs only because he believes "Obama is the most dangerous American alive..." Is this how you'd like to see our elections? Should we have stricter elections donation rules? Is he the most dangerous American alive?!....AP

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Obama is a bench mark for just how sick and uneducated the masses of this country have become .
Obama : qualifications ? Job experience ?
A liberal social worker , mentored for 21 years by the good racist reverend wright , a social net work of acquaintances + friends criminals + bill ayres , al sharpton ,kwame kilpatrick.
Obama birth certificate ?
Obamas aunt ( here illegally )
Obamas uncle ( here illegally ) Still working ??
2008 america elected a roach !
2012 america needs raid

The obvious answer is of course we want rules for our elections. The first thing that we should do is to prevent future presidents from so easily corrupting the process by approvining loans to their constituants, some of which is returned in the form of campaign donations and special exmptions from what the rest of us are glued too, in order to recieve gratuity for this sleazy service. Guess who is exempt from Obamacare, the unions of course, his bigest supporters. At least Harold Simmons is using his own money. There are some ingrates and freeloaders that don't realize, or don't care that the tax payers work long and hard hours for those dollars that may keep a someone in power that they may not want. No matter to most Obama constituents that we are forced by tax law to feed the shark that may eventually eat us. I don't support Obama, why then am I forced to support his campaign. Many presidents have done some bad things, but this is already historically, the heavyweight in the corruption and third world dictator behavior class. This will no doubt attract many idiotic responses about Reagan this and Bush that. Just remember when you respond in this manner that an ignorant man is a self made man. No one is born that way. No president, democrat or republican has ever elevated corruption to this level. It is shameful and amazing that anyone could turn a blind eye to this.

Dear Friends;

I don't know about "dangerious", but here is part of the evidence i found, today, that Onama is illegle as President.

>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVSqtMDFiY4&feature=player_embedded << <

This, and other vedios attached to it will blow your mind. One asked the question about what is the big deal? Are we still the United States of America, with a Constitution which querentees our rights, or not.

More to folow.



Shalom-Peace-is the process; Ahave-love-the result

Obama's goal appears to be collapsing the system under it's own weight. He is by far the most dangerous person to set foot in the White House. If he wasn't president he could not even qualify for the security clearence it takes to enter the Oval Office.

yes he is....... not only obama...all american presidents.... i never seen this like politics in this world..... american peoples are fools.... american politics peoples intelligent .... so that the america still alive.... 

Stricter election donation rules would be a major improvement, but ONLY if those rules were enforced EQUALLY with every political affiliate --- we all know that's practically impossible. Currently there are so many "loop-holes" of which ALL political parties take full advantage of. The other issue is how to make the playing field level when some candidates start off with a huge advantage by having enormous personal wealth. Money mouth

I would say Obama is very dangerous!! He is ruining this country from the inside. I believe some of the above folks are correct in saying he is not an American.

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