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Harold Simmons says he donates $18 million to conservative super PACs only because he believes "Obama is the most dangerous American alive..." Is this how you'd like to see our elections? Should we ...

He's an American?

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The question of Obama's actual birthplace has been settled: Mombasa, Kenya. 


However, the Democrats have committed a "masterpiece" of obstruction of justice by preventing the truth from coming to light officially.  Unofficially, we have all come to realize that one criminal must always side with all other criminals.


Were you aware that Bill Clinton had formally renounced American citizenship during his cowardly flight from military service and became a British Subject?  Clinton's loyalty and competence were always in question but not the stubbornness of the disloyal Democrat party. 


Why do "Disloyal" and "Democrat" both start with the same letter?  Because of the people they choose to put before the voters.


Was it not embarrassing enough for them to face criminal impeachment of Clinton?  Carter barely skirted impeachment.  If Obama remains in office, they will find themselves with that embarrassment yet again.

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