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Harold Simmons says he donates $18 million to conservative super PACs only because he believes "Obama is the most dangerous American alive..." Is this how you'd like to see our elections? Should we ...

I don't wish to be argumentative ,but I disagree with the Islamic belief that I should be killed! " If radical atheists decided they needed to kill believers to ensure their place in nothingness, I'd be criticizing that too."
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ap why do you keep switching your moniker? one day its ap the next it something else then back to ap.

Dennis Newman Thinks this answer is Helpful:

I was never so disappointed as when Obama bought the 2008 election with foreign money.  We paid out the nose for his mistakes and bad calls.  The only reason he has improved is nobody takes him seriously anymore.


He is like that old cartoon character, Captain Peter "Wrong Way" Peach fuzz.  His crew disconnected the helm so they could keep the ship on course and dock when they should. 


Obama is our new Peter Peachfuzz.

Dennis Newman Thinks this answer is Helpful:


rocmike how many aliases are you going to post under today?

Leagle Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Indeed, Dennis, Obama is such a severe embarrassment to America that it is amazing that he has not been impeached as was his party predecessor, Bill Clinton.  The list of felonies is truly embarrassing and would put the entire Democrat party out of business were the full list to become public.  Suffice that it is truly disgusting. 


Only the bitterest of sellouts could support "Wrong Way" Obama.  He serves only as a figurehead anyway, so we are ahead that competent persons have removed him from control as a service to the nation.


Truly the simile makes sense.  Would that it didn't, but as leftists once said, "Stop making sense." 


Pardon me that I continue to scoff at senseless leftists.


rocmike you are truly a fine representative of the nut jobs in the far right.

Anonymous Commenter Thinks this answer is Helpful:

"Wrong way" Obama sounds about right.  Talk about stupid on our dime!


rocmike give it a break. 1 alias after the other, snow, mystic, tweek, harley spirit, dr. kelly, anonymous, ap, stressed, southern, suffolk, pax, bill, leagle, 999, chaplain john, hairy biker, fletcher, serenity, top renner, dennis and many more. all repeating the same crap over and over. can any of your aliases post without using the words atheists, muslims, racists, leftists, hitler or jeremiah wright? do you not understand that anyone can go to any post from any of your aliases and see this. the only person your are fooling is yourself.

Anonymous Commenter Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Once again we see that all of Obama's supporters are always completely wrong. Perhaps it will be necessary to drag them into the light of humanity, kicking and screaming, against their childish will. Once enlightened they will see the truth but Obama followers must eventually realize that neither they, nor their idol Obama, have any leadership ability whatsoever. That is why onl;y the angriest of bigots support Obama.

Tweekey Thinks this answer is Helpful:

there is so much wrong with obama that no one can fix him
our best hope is to replace him with romney
at least romey cares and knows how to balance his checkbook
would that mine had any money in it
that dear friends is the fault of obama

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