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Asked: Children with extreme autism

what kind of activities can I do with a 15yr old kid with autism and doesn't speak

Asked: Angry and out of control behaviour

My son 5 years old. He is very normal but when someone asks him something he starts softly but suddenly shoots up and start getting angry. If someone even asks one questions with one topic he takes ...

Asked: Where can I get Laurence Steinberg's book?

Where can I get the book Ten Basic Principles of Good Parenting (Live in Puerto Rico) by Laurence Steinberg PhD

Asked: Should parents force their children to interact ...

Should parents force their children to interact with, have relationships with and befriend people?

Asked: Changing schools

How hard is it to get a child registered at a new school? I know each state is probably different but it should still be about the same steps.

Asked: Kids fighting

What do you do with kids that fight all the time? I have 5 kids and it seems like I have 2 that fight like cats and dogs.

Asked: Space between kids

Do you think it is better to space your kids out or have them close together? My kids are 2 and a half to 3 years apart and it seems to be good. Some people have them even closer and they love it.

Asked: Why does my husband spank our 2 year old ...

Why does my husband spank our 2 year old daughter we have together and not his son from his relationship before. His son lives with us and does not listen at all because his dad does nothing but ...