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What does cx mean in slang?

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The Urban dictionary defines CX as:

The awesome type of debate which has people speaking 250 words/minute and ensures an intensifying feeling throughout the round.

"This feeling inside... it's incredible... like a CX round."

There's also CX1:
awesome kid, leet one, the one marlon loves, yeah the one marlon likes to send porn links.
CX3: Trademark Speevie face. Includes eyes, and wide pouty lips.
And others.. Go here for the complete list:

Go ahead, make my question.
The term CX can have various meanings as its a short form of any person's thought. You will find many interesting slangs on this website. Click here: http://slanghub.com/what-does-hmu-mean/
Oh Lord, forgive the misprints!

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