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Cut finger on glass, now swollen what do u suggest?

cut on finger now swollen

i cut my finger on a piece of glass, now its swollen and painful-should i ice it?bandage it? help!

dont really want to go to er-



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How deep is that cut? If it is superficial you should wash it with soap and put some antiseptic cream on it. After that you should put a band aid on it or some bandage to keep it dry.

If the cut seems deep and the bleeding doesn't stop you should go to the ER for stitches.

I agree and would add that you might want to try an antiseptic cream with antibiotic in it like neosporin - if there is an infection (which it sounds like there is) then this will help.  If the swelling increases or pain gets worse you should go get it seen to.  How long ago did you cut it?  If more than a day or so ago it may already be infected inside the cut in which case you should go see a doctor.

The bleeding stopped quickly, but t he swelling has me concerned.

It happend a few days ago, but yesterday I noticed it was getting worse,its swollen from the 2nd joint to the bottom of the finger.(pointer finger)

It looks like my finger belongs to someone over 300 lbs.,I am just over 100lbs.

Warm water soaks seem to help, just a little.I think I should start on antibiotics, .

I dont have a fever, but the finger is warm.,Also, the cut itself doesnt look bad, it seems to be healing, and its clean.Its just under the cut that looks so strange.

Its just uncomfortable, the pressure inside I guess.

Im not sure how deep, but maybe the glass hit a nerve and  thats causing it to  swell.

Thanks for your reply, and more good ideas??


Sounds like your finger is infected. I would suggest you see your doctor so that he can prescribe a course of antibiotics. You need to take care of this as soon as possible so that it doesn't get any worse.

Infection has most likely set in. Try raw Manuka +16 honey on the wound. It is safer than antibiotics.

Hi Richard,

 Thanks for the advice-

but I ended up going to the ER and they kept me a couple of days.

Apparently it was an infection, and was moving up my arm.

Im on 2 antibiotics, and hopefully they will work.

Thanks again for your reply-

much appreciated.


hi i had the same problem,cut my thumb with a pair of siccors ,took amollixon for 2 weeks ,did not help,still swollen and i cant bend my thumb.can you tell me the names of your medication,seems my doctors dumb.hope you get better.

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