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Have a customer who is looking for a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in/near The Villages

churchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaints  Looking for a congregation in or near The Villages, FL

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One in Belleview at 12975 SE 55th Ave, one in Tavares at 884 S. Duncan Dr.

Jesus wore magic underpants while beng tortured by atheists in Hilers gulag in Florida. Do atheists ever wear underpants? Wanna banana, monkey boy?

If your friends from the church of Jesus Christ you would think they would know where there all at. I grew up in Utah and didn't even know there was a big congregation of the church of Jesus Christ until I met a guy that moved to Utah from the South. His was a drummer boy in the civil war while he was once in the service himself. I got on the college campus with a lot of them they beleive in education just as much as they do religion. They don't use the internet to try to oppress others that are diffrent than they are like these other protestant do. If you know some you probably have a good chance of getting into college your self.


I've always heard that education is the answer to overcome ignorance. Your in good company with the church of Jesus Christ.

Melvin I'M an atheist, it doesn't bother the people of the church of Jesus Christ, they believe in education like the catholics do.


You should try it sometime, it wouldn't hurt you to strain your milk a little bit.

Why must theist cannibals always be so disagreeable? 
It is because I am a fanatical cannibal, devoted to my cult as bitterly as a Muslim suicide bomber.  Cannibals like me must always go out of their way to be absolutely disagreeable but that is what we get for eating out on atheists. Sheer mindless folly.
Pity us morons, as ours is the last crackpot cult on the planet, which of course is as humorless, ignorant, vulgar, and sick, as the Eat Agains, Jehovah's cannibals and the Gourmons.

You know, its often said that atheists know more about christianity than most christians do. I hope thats not the case with me, I'M just not religious, I never really was, I never took an intrest in it. Maybe with me its just a defense mechanism as a way to survive living in a Country dominated by protestants.

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