What is custom LED lighting

What is custom LED lighting?

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LED lighting is the new age lighting system that uses semiconductor light source which reflect beams in only one direction, thus enabling to create a composed effect. These lights are mainly composed of silicon but also use various elements such as phosphorus, germanium and arsenic. Nowadays, for social gatherings and party decoration, custom LED lights are widely used that come available in various designs and patterns such as Diamond Ring, ORP, Simple I, Simple X, Simple +, Simple Y and Simple Z. 

LED lighting is a little out of date except in automotive.  They still come up with new things in cars and bikes that you don't see anywhere else.

Twenty years ago LED's were news but now they are off the shelf components with full technical support.  They transmit and absorb energy very efficiently.

If you want the new stuff it is charged particle power transmission.  It is a thousand times more reliable than cables, a tenth the work, much more efficient, but it can be dangerous.  Anything that flies into the .35 MM beam is toast.  That beam transmits 300 megawatts.  That is two major powerplants at a time.

Reagan came up with that in Star Wars but never realized the potential it had with power transmission.  They already have these systems working in Japan and Germany.

If anything transmits power better than a wire it has to be a photon.

What happened to that $15.7 trillion dollars of OUR tax money, Obama?

These lights are customized according to needs.


LED ( LightingEmittingDiode ) lighting is a lighting emitting diode, is a kind of semiconductor solid-state light emitting device. It is the use of solid semiconductor chip as light emitting material, through the carrier recombination in a semiconductor release excess energy caused by photon emission, directly emit red, yellow, blue, green light, on this basis, using the three primary colors principle, add fluorescent powder, can send out red, yellow, blue, green, green, orange, purple, white and other colors of light. LED lighting products is the use of LED as a light source manufactured lighting apparatus.http://www.osmanlighting.com   I hope to help you

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