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Btw, they aren't going to find any living cells on any other planets, except for the ones we put there. Looks like only "God" can create life initially. And as far as we know, earth, is the only place He created it.     

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exactly     Smile

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Dear Jim;

There are known hundred of planets where life can exist. All we have about them, now is ignorance. So be careful what you state; it could come back to hunt you.




If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. No biggie. But I don't think I am.

Harley Spirit

Knowing God, He put some thing alive on every planet He created.  So you gotta think out side the box.  It ain't gonna look like us, they ain't gonna speak English, and they ain't gonna drive cars like we do.


They are gonna cop a nasty attitude when we try to crash their party.  The way some people act, I can't say I'd blame 'em.


They must be hiding from us on mars then.

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Melvin Whitcombe

"Every time a technologically superior power has come to a place where technologically inferior persons live, the superiors dominated ruthlessly.  There are aliens whizzing around the universe and they have been to this planet, but found it too germy to survive here. 


"When any other race comes knocking here the result will be unpleasant for us.  We should keep our heads low."  Stephen Hawking.


I take a somewhat different view.


They tuned in, saw one issue of Rocky and Bullwinkle, heard the evening news, panicked, and put us back on the galactic embargo. 

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