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Is being gay something you can grow out of?

"Gays demand rights that are denied against all others..." Really? Like what, the right to marry the one they love? Or the right to be able to apply to adopt a child, or to walk down the street without being physically or verbally attacked?

It was not that many years ago that blacks were in a similar boat. Interracial marriage was prohibited and black men and women who dared to fall in love with a white person risked losing everything ~ including their lives.

It wasn't that many years ago that single people were not allowed to adopt, or that people of one race were kept from adopting a child of a different race.

It also wasn't that long ago that people who dared to flout societal conventions in public (interracial couples, interracial families, same sex couples) and who were just walking down the road and minding their own business were attacked, harrassed and sometimes killed ~ merely for being different than everyone else.

But of course, you Biblical scholars should know all that. After all, Jesus was different from everyone else and look at what happened to him!

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Pooch Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Oh, yes....you were "all" very SIMPLY fingerprinted....Laughing  Thanks for verifying what I have thought all along.  Again, I ask, why the sudden change in attitude????  What do expect to gain from this???

Pooch Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Yes, you are "silly".  Again, why the sudden change in posts from hatred to acceptance??  Embarassed  Laughing

Pooch Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:


Pooch Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

"Disguted with AOL"...what happened to all of your posts proving that you are dk/southern/hairy/serenity/anonymous/mystic/sg/ap/ladyd/mike(whichever)/phil/etc...etc..  By deleting those it makes it look like I have been talking to myself this whole time.....silly me...SILLY YOU, sweety.  Couldn't even pass one of yourselfs off as legit.  Very transparent.  Embarassed  Laughing


I don't like to use the Comments feature. I rarely use it, and most often prefer to delete my comments once I know they have been read by the intended recipient.


You think I am RM et al? Or Gypsey? Oh, now I've heard everything! I am not sure if you're serious or not ~ but if you are, then what have you been smoking?


My screen name is now "Disgusted With AOL" but everyone knows me as "jkgrandma." Me, RocMike? Or Gypsey? Never in a million years for a multitude of reasons, not least of which is the fact that I am able to spell and compose coherent sentences! And that means that I wouldn't be caught dead speaking for identities like "Stressed," "Dina Bakshuri" and "Big Hairy Biker" (among others).


You need to step away from the joy juice, hon. Your brain's beginning to pickle.

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