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What is the minimum educational attainment in applying for a job in a cruise line? What skills are generally needed in cruise ships? What previous work experiences are good to mention for me to ...

Hi Jershon,

There is a wide range of jobs that you can do on ships: do you wanna be a captain?first officer? waiter? barmen? dancer? salesperson? cleaner? shore excursion specialist? hairdresser? personal trainer? work in a kids club? purser? nurse? casino dealer?

The minimal educational attainment and skills you need will differ for each one of these.

Additionally, keep in mind that, for some jobs you are applying directly with the cruise line (officers, electricians, waiters, barmen, cleaner, stateroom attendant).

For others, you are applying directly with the concession companies or their agents (usually the photographers, casino dealers, shop staff, art auctioneers, shopping guides).

When you chose the  cruise line you wanna apply to, find our which is which in their case.

Here's a link that might explain more about cruise jobs:  http://www.getacruiseshipjob.com/




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