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Cross untouched by California fire

There's an email going around that has photographs of this fire and a huge white cross having survived without hardly a scorch mark on it. I just want to know if the story is REAL or if the photos were faked. If faked, they were done very well, even having shadows of fire on the cross. I'd appreciate very much if some one could tell me the true story. Thanks, Joanne Laughing



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I can't tell you if the pictures are fake or not. However there have been many instances in the past where religious icons have survived fires before photoshop made everything suspect. Now "seeing is not necessarily believing"

Love one another.

oH MY GOODNESS! FINALLY, THANKYOU. I have been looking for people who also noticed the crosses! I live in virginia, but this past summer, we were driving to and near LA and Yosemite etc. and it was NIGHT TIME and I saw a white cross glowing on the hill. It was so pretty, and I took a pic of it. when we got back from our trip (7 days later) the fire broke out near yosemite. Then I was going on the internet (my homepage is the washingtonpost.com) and I saw this pic:


(GOD BLESS those who lost their homes, everything, to this disaster...)

look closely near the right side; there's the same cross. (or as I later found out, 1 of the many (woooden!!) crosses that did not burn. I don't know what will prove that Jesus is with us and he has ALL Power, is this doesn't do it for ya! This isn't the only miracle, either!

God does miracles all the time; big and small. Try to be more aware of these miracles, and you will feel truely blessed every minute of your life.



Here's some pics of the crosses in flames. (but not consumed!) Like Moses and the burning bush!


This is not fake.

I actually forgot to share that on Fox5 News they had the white cross on the news in Yosemite. (This was the first cross they discovered.) They were debating since it was a National Park, they could not keep the Christian cross displayed... >:/ But, for some "radical reason," gov. bought the land and the cross will be protected! (ALL OF THEM!)


None of the skeptics can ignore this now. It even shows the cross after the fire was put out, everything consumed but it.

It was wood, it was glowing! I SAW IT. I am an eyewitness!

GOD is Amazing.

As far as know, It has not been said that the cross was made of wood and therefore it could have been constructed from an uncombustable material. I think this needs confirmation before other theories can be properly considered.

Sorry about the weird green face, somebody edited my answer and replaced my pic with that... ppl are so messed up out there, they take humor way too far. But anyways, even is this cross thing turns out to be fake, what Jesus did is not. I can assure u that... Maybe somebody built these crosses so that people will "see" Christ everywhere; they were trying to help "represent Christ." and maybe they purposely made it glow so people would notice it at night. Maybe they ahd this "great idea" and it has caught many ppl's including my attention. If this is a miracle, and the crosses are wood, then YES. It was a miracle by God; God asked somebody in their hearts to build wooden crosses, and then when the fires came, they did not perish; God wanted to show he has Power over everything. and the best way to show thatis a christian cross up in flames, but not burning or being consumed by the fire. If this was all bogus and they're not wooden, it means nothing that the crosses didn't burn; and it ALSO means God had ntohing to do with it, so nothing is against Him. a HUMAN built the crosses; not instructed by God. Do you get what I'm saying?? Either way, Jesus did and still is what He claims to be, He is God, and crosses built [by man](such as the ones we're discussing) represent our gratitude and represent what He did for us.

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