How do I cross the street?

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What are the cross streets for 3436 rombout avenue bronx, ny 10475

It's between Hollers Ave and New England Thruway. Mapquest or Google Maps will give you driving directions.

Why are crosses burned?

The KKK is without any question the worst gang of atheists in America. Look at the facts. They hate Republicans because Republicans liberated slaves from their deep-south plantations, leftists live on lies and hope to deny human rights to everyone but their power elite, and they are not above ...

How do streets get their names

Ok now I know who but how do they come up with the names? Is there any significance to whatever name or word they choose?

What are cross streets for 1912 Pacific Street?

That question can't be answered without the name of the city. If you mean Brooklyn, it's between Ralph and Buffalo. You can use Mapquest or Google maps to get a street map of an address.