Crosley Radio CR703 CD player doesn't work

I have a Crosley Radio CR703, The 5-in-1 Director. I received it as a gift over a year ago and just unpacked it. Day 1 I put 3 cd's in. It only rcognized and played 1. Now it doesn;t recognize any. Huh?

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Try a disk head cleaner

If your player won't recognize a disc, make sure the CD is properly loaded and not scratched, and that the lens is clean.

Many times, it is something simple. First, are these all "Real" CD's, or burned copies from a computer? (Not all CD Players will recognize do it yourself CD's). Then, check to make sure that they were loaded 'Label pointing up' (People do sometimes forget that). Then does the unit work in all other modes (Tape, Phono, Radio). Check each CD for scratches, Dirt, Fingerprints, Smudges. Then run a Cleaner CD Through it, such as the Scotch/3M 'EZ-Clean' which not only cleans it, but also tests it for Left/Right and surround sound, as well as cleanliness/purity of audio signal.

Good Luck, John Jewkes.

I agree with the answers of both of the posters before me.  I'm no expert on radios, but if you are ever in the market to get a NEW radio, go to  They are EXPERTS on just about ANY kind of radio you may want.  Not only this, but they also sell, (at reduced prices), radios they call "Orphans"....radios that have been returned to them, (and throughly refurbished).  They proudly say they are the ONLY radio vendors that state publicly whether a radio they are selling is new, or if it has been refurbished.  They also have many other eletronic merchandise, including lightbulbs, and toys!  They are the eletronic SUPERSTORE -- not as much merchandise as some stores have, but EVERYTHING THEY SELL IS ' CUTTING-EDGE.'   Their catalogues are SUPER!  I found out about this "dealer in electronic dreams", by listing to a GREAT RADIO show, "Coast To Coast AM", (website: ), on which CCrane is a sponsor.  "Coast" is on VERY late at night, and deals in "all the news that's NOT fit to print". Guests discuss things like irradiated meat, UFOs, witchcraft, government conspiracies, alien abuctions, time-travel, etc.  It's also a call-in show, where you can actually ask the guests questions!  They have 800, toll free numbers, too!  Their website is a virtual "playground for inquisitive minds"'s truly fascinating, as is the RADIO show itself.  (Up in the upper left hand corner is an "Affiliates" it to find out when & on what RADIO station this wonderful show is on in your area.)  "Coast" does NOT advertise, and relies on happy listeners, (like me!), to tell people about the show.  No -- I'm not getting a dime for "spreading the word"....I just consider it my "good deed for the day". 

Sorry I could not answer your original question more throughly -- but have fun "coasting"!

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