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Another critter that leaves mouse like droppings but is not a mouse

There is a small critter in my upstairs bathroom. It leaves droppings that look exactly like a mouse. However, it has not gone for anything to trap it that a mouse would ordinarily go to eat. What else could it be?

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We used to use peanutbutter to catch mice.  good luck

a well educated, smart mouse

try peanut butter, works best.

if he does not do the trap, get one of those glue boards and put a tad of peanut butter in middle ... and bet that will get him (home depot or lowes has them)


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Yup, I third the peanut butter bait. It really is the best. I recently had to get three mice that had invaded my apartment. Peanut butter got all of them. And these were particularly clever mice. I felt absolutely horrible about it, as I do having to take any life. And mice are really cute. But it was them or me. They invaded my space.

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It's just possible what you have is a shrew. If so, a glue trap and luck is the only thing that will help you. Shrews are carnivorous and won't go for regular mouse bait. Shrews are very small, some varieties even smaller than mice, so a glue trap wil hold them all right, provided you can get the little rascals to go for the trap. Make sure the thing is dead if you use a glue trap, all those little critters have teeth like needles, and a few varieties of shrew bites are slighty poisonous. Good Luck.

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