Is the Crisis Over?

With unemployment lowest in three years, do YOU think the economical crisis finally over?

Is the Crisis Over?Getty

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Not by a long shot. Numbers can be used to show any statistic you desire. Unemployment is now because so many have fallen off the roles and can't collect anymore, that dosen't mean they are working now.

..........crisis is far from over....Unemployment is lowest because folks have exhausted their claims. Tent cities are all over the country due to shelters over-crowding. And expect it to get worse before this year is out....

What?....Who?...Me?... .....What'd I do?..... Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of crap by the clean end.

QOTD,  Better hang on to that help wanted sign.  It may be a collectors item before too long.  I haven't seen one of those signs in a long time.  No one is hiring out in my area.

Judy Sparky's Mom


Please adopt a pet. We need you! ***** I am a free spirit who is grateful for my life and Christine Burgess ***** I am blessed to be friends with the best.
  • This one is so simple, even Fox dedicated viewers could see what’s happening. When George Bush left office, as shown in the red, his policies caused a consistent job loss in the private market every month. After Obama took office, and after signing the stimulus into law, the blue lines shows fewer and fewer monthly job loss, eventually resulting in job gains. And as the chart says, July marked the 17th consecutive month of private sector job growth under President Obama.

But then again, if your brother-in-law is already brainwashed by the FOX-Limbaugh Lie Machine, charts like this showing the truth are not what he’s looking for. For him, it may already be too late. But try anyway

democrat and proud of it. someone trying to learn about conservatism before it becomes extinct

Obama caused your unemployment crisis and it has brought gloom and doom to Canada just as it did all over your nation. 

There is no question that your president wanted everyone destitute and bitter enough to murder each other off.  That is Muslim in every way and fully consistent with all of Obama's anti-education in Jakarta.

We have Muslims here and they are as every bit as nasty as yours are.  Their whole way of life is hate and nothing but hate.  That explains why your Obama supporters spread the lies that they do -- because hateful people always side with hateful people and cannot abide the truth.

Muslims call it Taquiya.  Liars call it very lucrative.  It is the same evil thing either way.

When America sneezes, Canada catches cold.  When America contemplated violent civil war and racist hatred such as your man Obama has caused it, then the bullets must fly here as well, because we have gun running and drug smuggling Muslims here as you do in your White House.

Can the acorn fall far from the tree you should have chopped down in 2007?

Life is too short to waste it on poorly prepared food.

More homeless ppl than ever.
Worst unemployment since 1932.
Vets betrayed, active duty persecuted.
Obatty appoints Muslims for Army Security.

U wonder Y we suffer day & night?
We have been sold for 30 pcs of silver!
Obatty's propagandists insult us.
Then spit on our graves.

Leftists drive ppl to grudges. What good is there in that? Elections here are over. Fix up what Obama ruined.

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