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how to activate my credit card in pass processing


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If you wish to activate your card over the Internet, it is not possible. You have to wait and receive your card in the mail and activate it over the phone.

For this reason you have to wait a couple of weeks to get the card in the mail and activate it over the phone. One more thing, don’t forget to sign the back of your credit card! If your credit card is unsigned, you may be asked to provide sufficient Identification (your driver's license).

Many companies require you to activate a credit card, especially one you have just obtained. They may even require activation or “pinning” at a bank location of your ATM card. When you activate a credit card, you usually go through several minutes of over the phone providing of information, including checks of your home phone number, possibly the last four digits of your social security number, and occasionally other security checks.

Call the phone number on the front of the card and answer the questions asked.

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There should be a sticker on your credit card with a toll free number for you to call on it to activate it.

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A few companies allow for merchant activation of cards. This means that as soon as you use the credit card, it is considered active. If you obtain a card to use for emergencies only, and merchant activation is the only means to activate a credit card, you may want to call the credit card company, let them know you’ve accepted their terms, but that you don’t plan to use the card right away. Again, cards that remain inactive and aren’t used right away may be voided if you don’t indicate you want to keep them.

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