Credibility of Bible

How come the Bible is relied upon when it is no longer the source document for the origin of man and the universe?

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     God was here from the beginning, google wasn't.

Because there is still wisdom to be gained from reading it.

Play ball!

Simple. Just gotta take it real easy and break it down (no bias, plus I'm agnostic)

1. Religion was vital to the development of human beings (for those of us who frown on religion now, be honest in admitting that. . .)

2. It was a way to deal with phenomenas who's processes weren't fathomable at each respective time.

3. As human beings began to understand things more, religion was in it golden age. Especially Christianity!

4. But Religion has an ego and wants to dominate every aspect of life. Not necessarily the religion (Although the Church and did choose the books for the bible) but those in powerful positions who hid behind the protection of "God".

5. This resulted in the undermining of scientific achievement and the deaths of many great thinkers because of divine authority. Imagine the guy who the Church got to before he could make his mark.

6. Probably the most important, the persistence of religion to be the life of an individual thus hindering education. This is a major problem in the Islamic world which I grew up first hand in West Africa. Same for Middle East and South East Asia and America's alike.

7. It is ingrained in the human being to believe what their elders have taught them because of beliefs and emotional attachment to the ENTIRE social group. If you get cast out your respective social group (be it Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or anything) that is probably the worst place to be as a human. As kids, if our parents ability to create us is real, then their words must be too right? Got you thinking now. . . .

8. So, religion brought people together in tough times. But I think Physicalist wants religious people to come to reality that we are imroving and peolpe shouldn't fear life. It does suck and it gets hard but we are still a young species and we are learning a whole ton but not enough.

9. We really have to relax on religion. . . Why are religious people so stuck on things being done and over. End all say alls. Armagedon! So angry and talk of suffering always. In 500 years English won't be English anymore. You get me, we change whether you like it or not. Don't you realize that English itself is slang(Germanic and Latin in nature). Hello!!!!

10. People in the future (if we have a safe world to give them) will think way different from us. They'll evolve regardless wanna know why, cause our organsim is seeing more than it has ever had as a unit in history. We a learning simultaneously. Who do you think decides our evolution, the oranism (humans collectively) or you the conscious person. Religious people will call that "God", not even close and no cigar. Our organism don't care about feeling or beliefs it just wants to survive. If you keep believing in religion the human gene pool will split and the ones who teach and understand reality will bore an evolved beings different from them. This is basically the answer to what came first, the egg or the chicken. The egg.

I beg for religion to end because whenever that day comes, 1000 years or 500,000 years. . . There will need to be a logical explanation as to why women around the world are giving birth to different looking beings who have more abilities, cause all the religious people will persecute them just cause they are different looking. Those new beings might solve our next fronteer..... Space so we gotta protect them now, they might need the oil we are about to use up.



There isn't a 'source document' for the origin of man. It's ALL theory. What is your point?

Why do radical Muslims strap bombs to themselves and blow stuff up?

That is a better question. Since they still do it.

I'm just sayin'.


You should re title your question to 'Credibility of the koran....

There is no more successful "source document".

I was taught in public school to believe the universe was fifteen or twenty billion years old, the Earth four billion years old, life on Earth about a billion years old. That from a teacher I still respect for telling us that an observed event could not be science fact unless observed multiple times by multiple qualified observers. I wonder if he saw the irony (not to say hypocrisy) when he taught those ages as science fact.

Since then I have learned of many repeatable events observed many times which put those ages in question. Having read the Bible repeatedly over the years I find it historically and scientifically accurate. The Bible is still relied upon because people like me and many professional scientists I know give the Bible a serious consideration and believe in light of the evidence.

 Admittedly others, not receiving the information as we do, nevertheless are unimpressed with the supposed evidence against the Bible and choose by faith to believe in spite of the evidence.

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