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How can I create better acoustics inexpensively in a high-ceilinged echo-ey performance space?

how to create good acoustics in high ceilinged performance space

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You can hang a false ceiling made of carboard egg cartons. Howere I find when I want to sing acapella the best place to do it in is a church with high ceilings that echo everywhere. Acoustic that's a little different. Egg cartons are cheap if you can find enough of them

THANKS!  It's actually a cinder block wall church basement with a high ceiling, so not the setting for an aria, but could be a good theatre space if I can figure out the sound sitch.  

Yeah but I also play acoustic guitar and the sound would be lost in a building with a high ceiling. So i know what you must be going through. 

egg cartons will likely be a fire hazard, and won't help much. if the building itn't yours, then you probably cannot construct a lot of built in treatments.without more details its hard to fully describe a solution though...

some options include fire retardent treated materials such as heavy drapes on the walls (spacing them to allow some reverberation), and on the ceiling, hanging cloth covered 1" rigid insulation on 45 degree angles about 3 feet off the ceiling with spaces between (again to keep some reverb). you want to get a combination of absorption across a reasonable bandwidth without trying to make it a dead space.

also, scattering some carpets around will help as well. for acoustic instruments, put them on the floor or on 29/32" plywood (if the floor is carpeted). you want some floor reflections.

here's an idea which uses ceiling absorbers, poly reflectors, and slat resonators on the walls, drapes on the windows.

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Some very useful solutions -- thanks!  

No, egg cartons would be a waist of time.

Try Acoustic Panels. Similar to these. http://www.cmfacoustics.info/

in culmination with an acoustic diffuser.

Absorb+scatter = good acoustics.

Actually, it was simpler than I thought.  Hung 11 foot long heavy velour panels (fire retardant) around the performing area.  That did the trick.  Absorbed just the right amount of sound.  Cool, huh?

did they cost you alot?

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Thanks so much for your help.

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