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Yeah, well I found out counselors where I am are allowed to give out patient details.

I can't get help, and it is classed as a direct offense, as no psychological evidence was found or linked.

By the way, why does my dog like to have sex with me, he never jumps up anyone, and I taught him not to jump up, too. But he just humped me, I enjoy it, and I like it. I often just sit their on my bed, naked, and stroking my dog, and he enjoys it, it is just like a loving relationship. When I turn round, on my bed, I just let him go to hump me, and he penetrates, and it is a brilliant feeling, not even my hand can stimulate my prostate by 1:100000000 to what he can. I don't think any human penis, dildo, or stimulator (I have tried) can do the same a dog and his knot penis can do for your prostate. He shows lots of love to me, and I show lots back; I love and stroke him whenever I can, chilling around, and then we make passionate love together when he and I feels like it; that is when I'm not busy.

People always say, go to hell, you sinner; or I'll come and kill you, and/or your animals; I'll the police if you were in my country, and get the police to come and arrest you. And counselors, like I said, don't keep things confidential.

So, I can I either continue my loving relationship, which I want to, and brave the likelihood of being caught eventually; or stop, and seek help, which I can't get.

At the moment, I'm screwed and it's a no-win game; so my passions for continuing are unbearable, and you probably see me as some 'fuckwit' 'pervert', but I have love for my dearest, and I don't like naming them a dog, or a human, just by his name, and as a partner, just I use 'dog' to address what species I am having my sexual and romantic relationship with.

You must understand, I'm no billy no mates, who rapes sheep and goats he doesn't love or own; I just have a passion for my partner, who is a dog, a male dog; I'm male, too. And I like it, and my dog seems to like it, too.

I hope you understand where I am coming from.

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Jonathan Hughes Thinks this answer is Helpful:

There is nothing wrong with you at all. Would it be if humans that hatted humans,and humans that had the compulsion to enlist in the military,and or supporting the death penalty,and want to maintain jails spending gobs of money at the expense of humans,and other animals having them starve, and go homeless. Those human should be told to get a shrink. Those humans need the love of God beyond understanding even as you have my friend.


There's nothing wrong with you, but not everything we enjoy in life is good for us. I guarantee you that there are other things in this world that if you were exposed to them that you would become obsessed to them too. You will know that they are wrong and you will know that they may some day ruin your life, but the pleasure or satisfaction they give you as a weak human being are so strong that whatever it is you will be nearly helpless to stop even if you wanted to. 

Welcome to the human dilemma. These things are of the devil and the intent is to take you down. The only chance you have is to see them for what they are and despise them for the plague they bring upon the earth.

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I think that if it was something that wasnt considered wrong by the normal individual, you wouldnt be a jerry springer candidate

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