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Yeah, well I found out counselors where I am are allowed to give out patient details.

I can't get help, and it is classed as a direct offense, as no psychological evidence was found or linked.

By the way, why does my dog like to have sex with me, he never jumps up anyone, and I taught him not to jump up, too. But he just humped me, I enjoy it, and I like it. I often just sit their on my bed, naked, and stroking my dog, and he enjoys it, it is just like a loving relationship. When I turn round, on my bed, I just let him go to hump me, and he penetrates, and it is a brilliant feeling, not even my hand can stimulate my prostate by 1:100000000 to what he can. I don't think any human penis, dildo, or stimulator (I have tried) can do the same a dog and his knot penis can do for your prostate. He shows lots of love to me, and I show lots back; I love and stroke him whenever I can, chilling around, and then we make passionate love together when he and I feels like it; that is when I'm not busy.

People always say, go to hell, you sinner; or I'll come and kill you, and/or your animals; I'll the police if you were in my country, and get the police to come and arrest you. And counselors, like I said, don't keep things confidential.

So, I can I either continue my loving relationship, which I want to, and brave the likelihood of being caught eventually; or stop, and seek help, which I can't get.

At the moment, I'm screwed and it's a no-win game; so my passions for continuing are unbearable, and you probably see me as some 'fuckwit' 'pervert', but I have love for my dearest, and I don't like naming them a dog, or a human, just by his name, and as a partner, just I use 'dog' to address what species I am having my sexual and romantic relationship with.

You must understand, I'm no billy no mates, who rapes sheep and goats he doesn't love or own; I just have a passion for my partner, who is a dog, a male dog; I'm male, too. And I like it, and my dog seems to like it, too.

I hope you understand where I am coming from.

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