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What do you do when CPS is in the wrong?

What do you do if CPS is in the wrong on your case and lies to the judge. How do you prove it . How do I get my kids back they are suffering?

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I'm sorry I don't have an anwser for you because I find myself in the same boat. I just stumbled upon this sight and my first question was similiar to yours. In my case the social worker assigned to our case was bias and discriminated against me from the beginning. Now, I feel like David and the system is Goliath. So much is my wrd against his and I already know he is a liar, I can't aford an attorney, so what can you do? I guess I'll just have to bite my lip and jump through all their hoops. What reaaly bothers me is I'm working torwards my Master's in education and have learned that the "founded" report they arrived at puts my goal of teaching totally at risk. Good luck, I understand exactly how your feeling.

You cant prove it, to get your kids back you do what they say. You are on a time frame. After 18 months they can seek TPR hearings.

Cristi (Mother of 2 lost to the system, kept 2 after learning the laws.)

Nerdzel you are totally correct. If cps has a "founded" case against you that puts you totally at-risk of not receving a license to teach or obtain work related to caring for or being around children. Even if you bite your lip and jump through their hoops (sometimes they are already set up for failure) that "founded" case will not be erased- every time that background check is done it will come up. I'm so sorry this has happened to you and your family. Good luck!!

You CAN prove somethings but you better your facts straight with documented evidence to disprove their claim. You keep up with your records and go through everything with a fine tooth comb, I'm sure you will find documented evidence to discredit them and whatever statements they have made against you if you are in the right. READ THROUGH YOUR PAPERWORK- ALL OF IT. Look for dates, timeframes, inconsistencies in their reports. Find PROFESSIONAL WITNESSES to testify on your behalf and can honestly discredit their false staments. Consult an attorney if you cant afford one-ask for one or search for legal foundations that assist low-income families with legal problems. Good luck!!    

I don't know how to help you out bro or sis all i no is they took my step-son from my wife afert  he was bout to turn 4 day's old from the Brith center we didn't even have a change to take him home now a year and a month later my daughter was born they came and took her 3 day's later from the brith center and now im fighting to get them both back i don't care how long it take's im going to get them back from them.


P.s trying to get in to the ARMY  

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