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Asked: Divorce rate from second marriage

how many second marriages end in divorce

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how do i find a muslim husband for my young daughter... a husband who wants blessing and just a wife.. she has physical limitations .... she is young but is marriage age..

Asked: Vacation

Going through a separation and really need a vacation, any idea of a nice place i can go and have fun?

Asked: Worries about my wedding

My wedding scheduled to next month. But actully i didn;t prepare it so well. I have to work everyday. So right now I'm ganna freak out. Am i crazy?

Asked: Fathers for juistice

As we all know, relationships/marriges break down. Yet why is it that when it comes to access/custody the fathers word is seldom (if ever) heard? DFoes anyone feel like I do? Is it the system? Or does ...

Asked: Jail paying for divorce?

I heard from a couple of people that if my husband was to go to jail that the jail would pay for my divorce is this true? How would this work?

Asked: Walls are tumbling like in Jericho

How do you trust your husband after he has shared extremely private information to his co workers? When confronted, he just lied, as he has so many times in the past. We've been married six years ...