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While on a caribbean cruise I just purchased two silver Cote d' Azur watches on the cruise ship. The original price was $79.99. On the last day the price was reduced to $19.99. I would like to give ...

I also bought 2 Cote d' Azur watches on a Carnival ship. it was originally  $89.99 and I went to the crazy sale on the last day too for $20. I looked on the inside band where it clips together and in big capital letters it says stainless steel. I gave it to my boyfriend and he has been wearing it since. It looks nice but it feels cheap. He likes it, it's a good watch for the beach or everyday. hope this helps!

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the watch has days of the week and months dials. does anyone know if they are just for show of if you can actually set it. and how??


just for show. I got this information from one of the jewlers on the ship.

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