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Cote d' Azur jewelry. Is it sterling silver?

While on a caribbean cruise I just purchased two silver Cote d' Azur watches on the cruise ship.  The original price was $79.99.  On the last day the price was reduced to $19.99.  I would like to give the watched as Xmas gifts.  Will these types of watches start turning?

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If they're sterling silver, you'll be able to see 0.972 somewhere on the inside band. If you cannot tell for sure, I recommend taking them to a jeweler to check before giving them as gifts. Hope this helps!

I'm the type of girl who will burst out laughing in dead silence because of something that happened yesterday.

i was wondering the same thing im looking at the watch now and thinking to myself what if it turns or the link is so large. it really feels chinzy. bought for 19.99 this past christmas cruise on royal. also bought other watches and saw they are less money online.

I also bought 2 Cote d' Azur watches on a Carnival ship. it was originally  $89.99 and I went to the crazy sale on the last day too for $20. I looked on the inside band where it clips together and in big capital letters it says stainless steel. I gave it to my boyfriend and he has been wearing it since. It looks nice but it feels cheap. He likes it, it's a good watch for the beach or everyday. hope this helps!

I bought one too and the style is great but feels cheap like everyone has been saying. I am not an expert but I can say quite confidently that the watch is probably worth about $19.99. the clock works but this particular watch has day/date dials as well but they are "just for show". I do not believe a watch worth $90+ would have fake components. I bought a fake Rolex for $10 dollars a long time ago and the day timer was functional. My thought is, just as all other things, deceptive marketing laws likely do not apply on the open sea. that said do I think we were ripped off, NO. but, do I believe that this or any of the other sets ever sold for upward of $80-$109, Absolutely Not. I like my watch and I feel good about spending $20 on it, so I think we should all feel good about our purchase and enjoy our cheap watchesCool

I purchased those Cote d'Azur jewellery last week at the carnival cruise I went to. It was a flash sale for 20$. But I do think it was even normally available for 20$.It was informed by the shop sales rep that this was a brand of some chain store in UK. Known more in the UK than US. Anyways I am back from the cruise, and any amount of googling does not lead me to the webpage for this brand. Makes me think that this must be another China product-not a top designer brand. I would urge people to not buy this. Since its worth only the 20$ its advertised for. Or maybe even less. In my case I like the jewellery that went with the watches. Note that this is just junk jewellery and should not be assumed to have real diamonds or sterling silver. Buy this if you think its worth 20$ and do not believe that you are buying some deal. Because it isn't.

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