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I'm in a band and would like to distribute cds of the few songs we've recorded. We're looking to make around 250 - 400 cds. Has anybody had experience with a good cd duplication company in the ...

How much does it cost for Cd duplication ?

This is a great question.
First since this is a Music CD-ROM it would be better to do a CD-ROM Replication than CD-R Duplication. Read this article for the CD Duplication VS CD-ROM Replication .
I recommend that you make at least 500 discs. Try the new cases Digipak. It looks and feels better than the Standard Jewel case. Starbucks use it for all of the new releases.  Visit any Starbucks and look next to the cash register to see the cases.
In Southern California is a good manufacturer. Every thing is done in house and they do any qty from 1 to 100,000. does a lot of work for the Military so the quality has to be the best
Do not look for the cheapest, you need to look for a great quality first then shop for price. My advice call the company (800) 819-3362 and talk to them and see if you like what you hear. You have to feel good and comfortable when you talk to the potential vendor. Also call again and try to get another rep and see if they are all on the same page.

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