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How much does it cost to bring a loved one from Florida to Iowa after death? Is there certain laws, does a relative have to be there to identify the body?

A good rule to remember in this type of situation.  Either in Iowa or Florida engage just one funeral home to represent you.  If you are having most of the services in Iowa and you are familiar with that funeral home then contact them to be your agent.  Upon the death they will engage a Florida Funeral as their agent to remove the individual from the place of death and prepare and make the necessary airline arrangements for shipment. They will use a "combo" unit which is both a protective airline air tray and an inter recepticle for the deceased you will purchase your casket in Iowa.  Another consideration is where the services are going to be held, but by all means chose one funeral home to represent you and they will inturn engage the other funeral home as their agent.  If you engage each funeral home at either end the chances of some charges getting doubled up are very real.   

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