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My cornbread is too dry...why?

Corn bread is an all time favorite of mine and I fix it quite often. My cornbread always comes out a tad dry though. Is there a secret to making a moist cornbread? If so, please share with me.

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Here is the recipe I use when making a moist honey cornbread.

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It could be that you are not using enough oil....1 c. ea. flour & cornmeal...3 teas. baking powder....3/4 teas. salt...1 c. milk...1/3 cup oil....(add 1 T. sugar if you like sugar in your bread)...or...maybe you are baking it too long....Also, it can depend on the cornmeal used.  At a mill...you can get differently ground meal.  I've found the courser the grind the drier the bread....(my mom's family is from OK...nothing better than a hot slice of cornbread smothered in butter (and honey on that second slice!)

How many eggs are you using and what size cornbread? I will be able to answer after you answer these  questions.

Try adding a small can of cream style corn to the batter when mixing it up.

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