Copyright royaly board understanding building a radio or tv (song sound good got your own radio)?

Additional information about AM broadcast stations and applications is available at the AM Broadcast Radio Stations page.


The Media Bureau will announce a filing window period at intervals during which new station applications and major change applications can be filed. Filing window announcements will be made via Public Notice, and posted at several locations on the Commission's website.

FM Commercial Radio Broadcast Stations

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FM commercial stations may be authorized on 92.1 MHz to 107.9 MHz, corresponding to Channels 221 through 300. Noncommercial educational FM stations may also be authorized in this band but these applications must meet the spacing, 70 dBu city coverage and other technical criteria applicable to commercial stations.
Rules. FM commercial station rules include 47 CFR 73.201 through 73.333, and 73.1001 through 73.5009.

Requesting a New Allotment. An applicant/petitioner seeking to apply for a new allotment must:

Electronically file FCC Form 301, Application for Construction Permit, for the specific allotment proposed by the petitioner. This application must be complete and acceptable. The applicant must pay the rulemaking fee as well as the application filing fee listed in the Media Bureau Fee Filing Guide as well as FCC Form 159 with the fee payment and application. Please note that payments for commercial applications not made online must be directed to the lockbox address and NOT the FCC in Washington, D.C.
On the same day Form 301 is filed, file a petition for rulemaking on letter-sized paper (an original and two copies) through the Office of the Secretary, FCC. The petition must (1) include the proposed new channel, class, and the community to be served; (2) the proposed new allotment site must meet the spacing requirements of 47 CFR Section 73.207 of the Commission's rules to other stations, prior-filed applications, and vacant allotments, and (3) the proposed new allotment site must provide at least a 70 dBu signal strength over the entire community of license.
The petition and application must cross-reference each other so that we can associate the two related filings. We will then consider the merits of the petition for rulemaking. If the petition for rulemaking is technically acceptable, the Media Bureau will release a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that will indicate the date by which interested parties can file comments or counterproposals. If approved, an FM allotment will be created and placed in a future FM broadcast auction proceeding. At a minimum, the petitioner/applicant must qualify to bid in the auction. If the applicant is the successful bidder for the allotment, the previously filed Form 301 construction permit application will become the applicant's post-auction long-form construction permit application. Petitions for rulemaking for new allotments should be directed (in triplicate) to the attention of the Audio Division (MB), c/o Office of the Secretary, TW B204, FCC, 445 12th Street NW, Washington, DC 20554.
The Commission has posted an allotment finder program for commercial FM allotments that may help you identify potentially available channels at a given location. Please note that there is NO finder's preference awarded for proposing new or modified FM allotments.

Auctions. Once auction filing window dates are announced for allotments that were previously created, instructions for filing applications will be released on a Public Notice and posted on the Audio Division website. We cannot provide advance information on when the next auction or application filing window might take place (see the general information about auctions).


Additional information about FM commercial stations and
applications is available at the FM Broadcast Radio Stations page.
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