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i own a copy of a midsummer night's dream published 1894 and was wanting to know if ut's worth anything?

Most modern books (newer than the invention of the printing press) are not worth much more than their value in paper or in sentimentality.  The reason for this is the mass-production involved for these books due to the invention of the printing press. 

These days, the only things that make a book valuable is any or all of the following:

1)  It's context in history (did it play a significant role in any portion of history?).

2)  Is it signed by the author?  If it is signed by the author, is the author still alive?

3)  Is the book rare at all?

I'm afraid your copy of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" from 1894 is not likely to be very valuable.  Shakespeare was popular, even 114 years ago, so there will likely be many copies of your book still in circulation.  Also, due to the mass-production of it, will likely not be rare.  Unless the book was signed by Shakespeare (which would not be possible since he will have been dead for roughly 274 years at the book's printing), it doesn't have much value. 

As a collector's piece, it's modest and nice to have, but in monetary terms, no, I'm afraid you wouldn't fetch more than a few bucks for it in good to new condition.

Take care and live well!

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