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Www.butterballturkey.com If I bake the turkey one day before serving how should I re-heat it?

www.butterballturkey.com If I bake the turkey one day before serving how should I re-heat it?

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I can tell you what works for me ..... deliciously, every time .....

I carve the turkey as usual, separating the wings & drumsticks. Then I use the defatted drippings, mixed with a can or two of chicken stock to make a nice gravy. You can even thicken the gravy slightly with a slurry of corn starch & water, but don't thicken it too much.

You put the turkey pieces/slices in a roasting pan, along with enough gravy to cover the turkey pieces. Reheat it long enough so that all the turkey is warmed throughout..... taste it to be sure. That should guarantee that your turkey is reheated without being dry. And the gravy takes on a more intense flavor too ..... scrumptious over fresh mashed potatoes.

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