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What is the right way to cut an orange ?

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Hi Glin,
There is no "right way" or "wrong way" to cut an orange.  If you want to squeeze it cut it to 2.  If you want to suck the juice cut it to 4 parts.  If you want to peel it (and get a whole orange) the best is to cut a slice, some 1 c"m from the top (hold the orange verticaly) than use the knife to make "cuts" some 3-4 milimeters deep and some 4 c"m apart, along the orange..... than peel it with your hand.  Enjoy. 
Best regards,

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The right way to cut an orange is the best cut for the recipe:

In half between navel and top - Juicing and hollowing to use skin as a bowl for sorbet or fruit salad

In sections from navel to top for lovely wedge display and easy eating

In rings between navel and top for garnish and artful jello and ice display

Peel and cube to toss in fresh or fruit salads

Hope this helps!

Which hat to choose - Mother,wife, teacher, artist, chef, writer...hmm what a day and it is only 8:00 am.

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