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How can we stop burning our chicken on the BBQ. We ...

How can we stop burning our chicken on the BBQ. We have tried everything we can think of but nothing works. I love BBQ chicken but not the burned outside.

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Have you tried pre-cooking the chicken in the oven first untill it is almost done and then put your sauce on the chicken and bb-q it enough untill you get your crisp?? Hope this helped.

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First, for cooking over flames you must skin the chicken pieces, then turn them often and move them around on the grill to avoid flare ups until the residual fat is cooked off, then if you are using a sauce with tomato and sugar, put it on near the end.

Lower the flame, if you are using propane start on low and as you near the end of the cooktime raise the heat or if you are using coals do not add the chicken until the coals are white hot and the temperature is steady. Hope this helps!

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We have done that... we have pulled the skin off. The only thing I haven't tried is cooking it first in the oven and then finishing it off on the bbq.  Just one more step though...thanks

Try it and see how it works! Hope it goes well for you! We dont like bunrt skin either so that is what we do :)

~~Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up~~

use a low fire for bbq sauce use cornell bbq sauce it wont burn like your kind you buy at the store,i soak mine all night no need to wait till its almost done

I have a gas grill. It is large enough that I can place a pan, made from aluminum foil on it while I cook. I fill this with water while the grill pre-heats, and refill it as needed when I turn the meat. Ths keeps the heated air moist and keeps the meat from drying out so fast.

You can make this tray by taking a sheet of aluminum foil, about he size of a sheet of paper, (or whatever will fit your grill) and pinch the four cornrs up to make a tray out of it. I usually get about 4 grillings per tray, then I recycle the old aluminum foil and make a new one.

As everyone else has mentioned, if you put the sauce on last, it won't burn as often. BBQ sauce has a high sugar content which causes it to burn. I cook at a higher heat initially, then turn down  the heat after saucing the meat. Then I turn the meat frequently.


Good luck!



I have a charcoal grill, so it's hard to regulate the temp.  I do like J does.  I use an aluminum pan, filled with water, and stack the coals around the pan.  I put my chicken on the rack just above the pan of water.  This way, it steams along with heat cooking.  Once the chicken is ready, I move the pieces over the charcoal so I get a nice crispy "bark".

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