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I have lost the measuring cup for my Aroma Rice Cooker. Anyone know the measurements without it? I can't make good rice anymore! Thank

I have lost the measuring cup for my Aroma Rice Cooker.  Anyone know the measurements without it?  I can't make good rice anymore!  Thank

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I have absolutely no idea. You might want to try this. I cook brown rice in the microwave. Rice to water ratio is 1 to 2. Pour in a little oil. Be sure to measure. This is always important in cooking. Bring it to a boil, and reduce the power level to very low. After it begins to boil, you need to cover the container with Saran Wrap. Or Kroger's cheaper knock-off.

This always produces great brown rice for me. Be adventuresome. Throw in some parsley or a bullion cube.

I hope that this might be useful, seeing that I have never used an Amora Rice Cooker. 


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Shelbert, I recently purchaed an Aroma Rice Cooker. I just measured the cup provided for liquid and for rice.

Here is what I have:  160 ml water content (often glass measuring cups have the ML markings for measuring as well as cups and ounces...look in your local grocery store).  As for dry measure in the cup provided with an Aroma Rice Cooker, I got a little more than 3/4 Cup dry measure.  

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