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How many pounds of baby back ribs do I need to buy to feed 100 people? Thank you.

How many pounds of baby back ribs do I need to buy to feed 100 people?  Thank you.

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The general ratio for ribs is one pound per person, the same goes for bone-in poultry.

Of course, you have to consider the appetite of the people you are feeding. Children under ten will not usually consume a full serving, but some adults are likely to take up the slack.

on the adverage a 1/2 rack of baby ribs are about 1/2 lb.

Depending on what is being served with the ribs and the patrons[children,adults].50 lbs.should be sufficent.

In typical recipes, we start with 1 pound of baby back ribs to serve 1 adult. Here is a great recipe for basing your larger recipe on!


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