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How to cook a frozen chicken pot pie in a nuwave oven?

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There are two good ways to cook a pot pie in the NuWave Oven:  The slow way, yeilding an evenly brown crust, and time to work on other parts of the meal.  This method is totally unattended.  Then, there's the fast way, which will probably leave the crust darker in some spots, and requires a pause in the middle.

The slow method - Put the pot pie on a plate, and the plate on the one inch rack.  Cook on high for 50 minutes.  When it's done, let the potpie rest for 5 minutes, then serve.

The faster method:  Place the pot pie on a plate and the plate on the four inch rack.  Cook on high for 10 minutes.  At that point, the crust should be thawed enough to easily poke a few, clean holes in the top.  Turn the pot pie (just to even out the browning) and cook another 10 minutes on high.  Let it rest 5 minutes & serve.

On each method, your time can vary up to 10 minutes on the slow method or 5 minutes on the fast method, so keep an eye out & measure the internal temperature to see if you get to 165 degrees a little early, or after a few extra minutes.  The diameter and depth of the pie will have a little effect on times.  This method works great for the small, individual pot pies, such as those from Banquet.

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