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Nothing contradicts our knowledge. Why?

Because you live on top of a proverbial ivory tower.

Hay. You think I'm crazy? You should hear the voices in my head. Those people have issues.
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The Unknown Philosopher

Andrew, there is abspolutely no scientific evidence to support atheism.  There is a wad of atheist pseudoscience but that is irrelevant because it is all a ridiculous hoax.


A pseudoscience hoax, used to support the athest hoax, and other money grubbing superstitious hoaxes with it.  How amusing.


However, I think it is time to call your bluff.  I'll make a bet with you if you can muster the courage to take it.  Atheists are not sufficiently brave so the conclusion is foregone anyway, but here it is if you ever develop any manhood whatsoever.


This bet is real.  I'm calling you out: take it or be considered a loser.


Are you up to a little bet?  Or are you going to passively concede defeat as I call your bluff and prove you are always wrong?


Anselmogx13rq; what precisely is the wager? and what you you putting up?

You say there is no "scientific evidence" to prove what? 

The non existence of imaginary/supernatural beings?

One is not required to disprove the existence of the imaginary.

One need merely open the door and turn on the light to prove that the closet monster isn't really there.

What "scientific" evidence have you to prove that your delusions are real?


Anselmogx13rq: Sooo,,,, I guess this means that you have no answer to this question?

Serenity Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Andrewcranky, I clicked on the link Anselmo........ provided. 


It is a wager only the most timid and weak inded could refuse.  I have already won that wager by default but there is no reason you cannot win it also, if you are wise enough to take it.  This is a wager that has no losers -- except those too timid to take it.  Thay are losers anyway and shall always remain so.


Answer this riddle, correctly, if you can.  Tell us about the fear of God.  I will give you a hint: what would God fear?  If you cannot answer, it is because you cannot think critically. Only atheists suffer this embarrassing default.


Atheism has never been of any benefit.  It is a cult of fear and bitterness, but it is after all only an oddball cult of the utterly ignorant.


If you have knowledge, declare it.  If you fail to declare, then it is because no atheist knows anything at all that is worth knowing.


Peace Profound (if atheists can understand the concept of peace).



I'm not going to jump though hoops.

It's your claim that their is an invisible guy in the sky.

You prove it.

In the mean time my proof is right there in front of your face.

Nothing. Nothing equals nothing. Nothing comes from nothing.

Nothing is nothing, and there is no evidence but nothing to show existence of nothing. Ergo. No evidence of anything equals nothing. No gods. No fairies. No unicorns. Nothing.


If you want people to believe otherwise. Then it is incumbent on YOU to show something other then what you have shown. Which is nothing.

Serenity Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Thank you for your public admission that you have permanently defeated atheism in every way because you are timid and bitter.


You failed to take the bet, therefore you lose.


Have fun being laughed at.  You deserve it.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike aka American Patriot has started today's posting marathon over 4 hours ago with American Patriot followed immediately with Serenity. We are in store of hours and hours of alias after alias repeating the same thing over and over and going to old questions and answers. GET A LIFE.


Serenty. Anselmog. Whatever you want to call yourself.

You'er not fooling anyone but yourself. I don't even know why you keep trying.

There was no bet. You offered no wager.

Just as you offered no evidence to back up you side.

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