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contact information for wilson & fisher furniture company

I just got a gazebo from this company at Big Lots.  What a piece of junk.  Anyway, I still have the paperwork and on the back it says this:

"If you are beyong the return policy that most stores have, and need tech assistance or replacements, plase call Sunjoy Industries at 1-866-578-6569 from 8:30am to 5:30pm EST or email to Biglots@sunjoygroup.com or fax your parts replacement order form together with the purchase receipt to 1-740-283-3549 for assistance."

I hope this helps.  I just found it myself, so I'll be finding out too, if it's helpful.

I know this is a year or so late, but maybe could help someone else looking for them.


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I called the 866 number and they said they could send the directions if I can find the model number.  The recording before a liver person answered directed me to their web site www.sunjoydirect.com.  If you know your model number there is a link to download instructions as a .pdf. 

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AMAZING!  I've been searching all over the web for this information.  Thank you for sharing!

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Like kimberlyorchid, I've been searching for this information too!  Thank you for taking the time to post the info!!

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thank you so much too! i spent hours looking for some contact info an even called biglots and they were no help. I puchesed a wilson and fisher gazebo about 2 years ago an desided it was to much work to try an level out my year do to there being so many rocks. But i just moved an the new yard is so much better an desided to set it up, it was up 2 days an the frame snaped in 3 places!! i just sent a message to the support lets see what happens now. Im kicking myself in the ass right now, i should have just returned it when i desided to not put it up right away but who know what a piece of junk it would be! all i know is if they dont make an effert to make things right i will never buy anything of theres again!!


My Wilson and Fisher claims to be manufactured by Sunbay. After two weeks the plastic parts on my gazebo let go and the frame collapsed. I tried calling the 800 number and all I get are emails explaining why they cannot be of service all of them poorly written. Bottom line this company is in China and is not concerned with customer service. Solution: Buyer beware and do not buy anything Sunbay or Sunjoy ever.

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