Contact Dr. Oz.

How can i get in touch with Dr. Oz? I would like to have his address so i can write to him or e-mail him. Can anyone help me out it is very important?

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You might try Oprah's web site.

Love one another.

DR Oz will be about like what I went thru trying to get the following;Dr Snyderman, Phil,Today Show, Doctor's show and Michelle Obama.

None ever responded, some even last year never answered.I have no idea what it takes whether getting at the end of the line or best to make a call.                 Good luck

When a person is hooked on drugs he immediately is so dependent come hell or high water he will locate a way to feed his habit. This leads to poverty, incest, theft and a life of crime.

If you have an important medical question or condition why not see a Dr?

Love one another.

For fifty years, I owned two pharmacies, worked in other pharmacies for a few years, and when I realized the importance of learning about substance abuse, I did consultation and filled prescriptions in two nursing homes.Since then I have written two books to share my knowledge with the addicted , abused and do mini-lectures at my book signings.

I suggest that a pharmacist will take more time with someone wanting to know    more about their medical problems than DR Oz.By the time they get around        to let you ask him, you will probably be healed or forgot the question. See your pharmacist for an answer to your questions.I would imagine I answered  more than several hundred thousand questions while most went away happy.

When a person is hooked on drugs he immediately is so dependent come hell or high water he will locate a way to feed his habit. This leads to poverty, incest, theft and a life of crime.

Dear Dr.Oz, Hello, my name is Yanette and I have an under active thyroid and when I went on the fat belly cure eating plan  I lost 5 pounds in the first week,and it was easy and i was not cheating,I ate the 25 gr. of fiber and followed the plan to the letter, then my evil twin took over and when I stepped on the scale I;d gained 5 lbs. overnight at this point I started to cry and vowed to give up all together, I weight 317 pounds and I'm trying to get to a healthy weight so can you please tell me what do i do now, im on armor thyroid meds. but now we cant get that anymore so i feel like i'll be in fat prison camp forever .contact me at

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