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How to contact AOL with mail technical issue - have determined it's AOLs problem

How to you report a technical issue to AOL? I have determined with the help of my subscription stock service and Gmail that the problem that MIME format emails using content type HTML, desplay as BLANK emails, is indeed AOL's issue. This is known because (1) The same emails sent to my GMAIL account display just fine, meaning there is nothing wrong with my computer AND (2) Stocktiming.com reported to me that another of their subscribers who also uses AOL is experiencing the exact same problem. This strongly points to AOL Mail as having the technical issue. I am in the process of migrating my email, contacts, etc. to Gmail, since it works and AOL currently doesn't. Since I am not a subscriber, I cannot call them. is there a way for them to receive this message and run some tests? If they provide me with an email address to send a sample email to, I can forward one of the Stocktiming.com updates from my Gmail account to them so they can investigate. You may contact dkoren@acm.org with further instructions for me to forward a sample. Note that forwarding emails that display as blank from AOL forwards a blank email, even though the View Source shows it as having HTML source. Thanks! _dennis

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Hi Dennis:

My best suggestion would be to contact our Mail Support Team. They can be reached via:

Web form: http://t.co/0a6HwM

Twitter: @aolmailhelp

or, Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/aolmail/app_258933330820414

Please note: You may need to copy and paste the links into your browser.

Thank you.

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