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Is consumer grant research in Sumas WA. by John A. Fulcrum legit?

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To answer your question, let me preface by saying this:

The BBB gives the  Granter's Institute of America (GIA)  the grade of "F" and John A. Fulcrum's printed name, typed signature and title as, Consumer Grant Reseacher, is typed in the bottom left corner of their company letter, in which the GIA asks  that you send them (by certified check or money order) a sum (or acceptance fee, as they call it) of 49.95 to receive a grant certificate of 25,000/ 99.95 to receive a grant certificate of 50,000/149.95 to receive a grant certificate of 100,000/ or 249.95 to receive a grant certificate of 200,000. Which is to be mailed to a P.O. Box in Sumas, Washington.

The letter also states that they (GIA) may or may not call you to verify that the money you sent was received. They leave you with only an 866 voice  message number and the letter ends with "Sincerely, with all salutations and good blessings" and "This is REAL and not a Joke!"

I had to research this letter for an older gentleman who didn't want to get taken advantaged of.

I hope  this was helpful info to you. And if you still question the legitimacy - send me two-hundred and fifty dollars and I'll send you a certificate that has the numbers 200,000 on it. lol.Innocent

I called grants.gov and was told the government does not charge for grants. This is a scam.  I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at 877-382-4357.