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In Thailand, roasted rodent meat has become something of a delicacy, according to a BBC report . More expensive than chicken or pork, a kilogram of rat meat goes for about $6. Would you consider ...

Not even if my life depended on it nor dogs, cats or other such creatures.

How the hell can I be so sure my mother spent 3.5 years in POW camp during WWII she ate bark of trees, grass, you name it when the food was cut off to one cup of unhusked rice a day but she never ate rats, dogs or cats etc etc etc.

I believe I would not either.

Lady Darko

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Anonymous Comment

Isn't that what you serve up at your trailer park picnics?

Rose Bud

Was that momma gypsey that spent 3.5 years in POW camp during WWII?


Rose Butt neither you nor your mother or anyone in your family would know how to be human if put into a POW camp.

In fact you don't even know how to be human on Yedda.

If you had an ounce of dignity you would wouldn't know what to do with it.

Lady Darko

Anonymous Comment

Rose Bud? Mr. Webster you rascal, is that you?

Fred Guenther Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Lady Darko, you are doubtless aware that Obama boasts of having eaten dog meat.  Indonesians consider dogs and cats costly delicacies, even considering that dogs and cats were bred to be affectionate pets.  That is how ruthless and sadistic Islam has always been and shall always remain.


Until Obama became the Town Drunk of DC, he kept very strictly to his Muslim games and lies, but since he has become a soggy and brain dead old drunk, even Muslims find him intolerable.


Obama has always been a vulgar affront to humanitarian standards of conduct.  He is never going to improve on that.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike aka Fred Guenther these are not the thoughts of a sane person.


Fred Guenther like your style.  Yes I knew he ate dog and said he was excited about eating an endangered speices.  Perhaps he can butter his hand and take a bite because he is in danger of being turned out over Benghazi and his consitutional offenses since in office.

They eat dogs in Okinawa also and throughout the Orient.  It disgusts me and I have to question a people that do such things including Phillipinos.  If one can not see the difference in the face of a cat or dog then they are lacking in humness.

Einstein said you can judge a Nation or people by the way they treat their animals, children and elderly.  Or something to that nature, there you have it.

Anonymous Comment

Renee Descartes once said, "The worth of a civilization is the way the people live.  If under mild rule, the nation prospers and flourishes.  If under harsh rule, then hell takes place on earth."


What form of purposeful misrule compares to the sheer deviousness, evil, and barbarism of Islam?  These people prove that all who support them are dedicated to absolute evil, and will never be content with anything other than absolute evil.


Were you aware that Muslim shark fishermen use living puppies and kittens as bait -- not because they are the shark's natural prey, but because it is a way to offend Americans with sheer wanton and widely televised senseless cruelty.


Muslims have always been disciples of hate.  They preach lies because their cult commands them to lie.  There is nothing more duplicitous, hypocritical, and malicious, than Muslims.


The cult that fully endorses children being used as expendable weapons against other Muslims is too hateful to consider it anything but an unforgivable cult that needs to be destroyed by any means possible.


Rest assured, the hottest fires in hell are reserved for troublemakers, home wreckers, and the bigots who reduce their own children to needless suicide missions in peacetime.


Is there any end to the horror of the Muslim cult?



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